I believe the best testimonials come directly from the people I've helped.  Find them on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and below are a few as well:


Debbie ‎ - Feb 10, 2012

Brigitte is the most INCREDIBLE MASSAGE THERAPIST I have ever been to. I have had 4 back surgeries since 2001. I have been in more pain than I can say; it has affected mine and my family's lives. I have been to SO many Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists and no one could help me lower my pain from 8 out of 10 until now. Brigitte for me is an "Angel from God". She knows the body like no other. She is a MIRACLE to me. She has been able to reduce my pain down to a 2-3 out of 10. That is unbelievable after someone has had a spinal fusion and a spinal cord stimulator that did not work and I had to get it taken back out. Neither one worked and just caused me more pain & scare tissue than I had at the beginning. She is so amazing that I do not even have to tell her the problem areas and she can just feel my back and knows how to help me. I have NEVER seen anyone like her. To go through chronic pain for so many years and now to have such relief, well SHE HAS GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK!!!! I would and do recommend her to everyone. I give her "10 STARS". Thank you Brigitte for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call her; she will make a difference in your life!!!

Mark ‎ - Feb 8, 2012

Bridgette is an amazing massage therapist. She has a gift and experience to be able to understand the body's muscular system. Her ability to pin point exactly where your pain is coming from in your body is amazing. The best part is the technique she uses to relieve the pain and make sure it stays that way is incredible. I would recommend to everyone to call Bridgette.

Simy ‎ - Jan 25, 2012

I've been to many different massage therapist's in many different countries around the world, but I have never been to a massage therapist who has an such an uncanny ability to sense muscle problems and then fix them. Quite honestly, Brigitte's knowledge of the body's muscular system goes well beyond anyone I've ever met. No question about it, she's better than the 5 Star rating I'm about to give her. She truly is 'the best of the best!"

Jill ‎ - Dec 8, 2011

Without a doubt, Brigitte is truly the best in the business. What sets Brigitte apart from any other therapists I have been to is her deep knowledge of how the body works; she always takes the time to explain root of the problem and teaches you how to manage or prevent the same issues from recurring.

Benjamin ‎ - Nov 29, 2011

Bridgette does an ice massage that is unbelievable! I had never had this service before and its the only way I like getting a massage now. She is very good at pin pointing where your pain is coming from.